Proelium. Latin word for battle, fight. Athletes are one of the greatest warriors. Every day they give up, train, win, even suffer … The team of the Proelium sports agency is the team that is the first battle line behind our warriors. We stand right behind them and cover their backs. We want athletes to think only about the field. For everything else, we are here. We present to you a line of our warriors. We present Špela, Damir, Robi, Vid, Bor and Jan. That’s us. Warriors who are here for you, dear athletes. This is the first Proelium NFT release called PRO 1.0. The director of the Sports Agency, Jan Ternjak, presented each member of the team with his first NFT.

Warrior Jan

Warrior Damir

Warrior Robi

Warrior Bor

Warrior Špela

Warrior Vid

Proelium 5th anniversary

On the occasion of our 5th anniversary (1. 6. 2022),we have prepared a very special product. With our team, we wanted to present our work through NFT.

The leading character is of course the athlete, who stands on the highest podium with a medal around his neck. He is guarded by our team from various possible influences. The ribbon that is wrapped around us represents a path that each athlete has to walk to reach the very top. The very top which is held in the background. What we want for our athletes is that all external influences and distractions fall on our shoulders.   We want them to leave all the challenges on the pitches and around their terrain, so that they can focus only on their goals. We want our team to help bring them to the top of the world, to the moon and beyond with a starry sky in the background, and in those stars sport images. You have to make an effort to notice them. They are like stellar flashes. Athletes must never stop believing in their goals and dreams. After all, maybe something is written in the stars as well.

You can asure and bid the price for our NFT on the platform Opensea.

Project authors: Jan Luxa and Axel Luxa

The authors of the NFT product “Proelium 5th anniversary” are professional athletes. Jan is a multiple national champion in the triple jump, and Axel is a multiple national champion in the high jump.

“Graphic design and sports are not so much connected that some things would be easier or harder, because creativity plays the biggest role here. In fact, this was a bit more complicated challenge for us, because we wanted to show Proelium in one interesting and unique way. We are satisfied with the final product, we have invested a lot of work in it to show as many aspects of the Proelium Sports Agency as possible, and I think we hit them in a slightly abstract way. The picture shows the warriors (Proelium agency) protecting the athlete from the outside world (external distractions) so that he can focus on his goals and follow the path of success more easily. I think that such conditions were very useful for every athlete, as it would be easier to focus on training and competitions without worrying about other problems.”

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